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A New Corrosion Resistant Vacuum Pump
There are many manufacturers of vacuum pumps in China.
Why cooperate with Huashun?

About 202 vacuum pump manufacturers in China
Operating revenue of more than 10 million yuan
Only 16 have corrosion-resistant
vacuum pump technology
13 patents
Corrosion protection of lining, coating and coating
The production process is complex and the effect of corrosion resistance is not good
2 patents
Vacuum Pump Made of Composite
Patents just registered in 2016 have not
yet been industrialized
Zibo Huashun Patent
Vacuum Pump Made of Fiber Reinforced
Registration in 2006
Establish a mature R&D, production and
sales system
We are the best in China.
Manufacturer of corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps
Excellent Service Life
The service life comparison of various corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps under the same condition of pumping acid corrosion gas
Metal Vacuum Pump 1 months
Anticorrosive Liner
Vacuum Pump
6 months
Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Vacuum Pump
3~5 Years
Upgrade to Closed Circuit

All for corrosion resistance design
       Fiber-reinforced plastic vacuum pumps can choose a wider range of inert organic solvents and acidic solutions as working fluids. The new working fluid has the advantages of low saturated vapor pressure, no reaction with the pumped gas, no dissolution, easy recovery and easy disposal in the later stage; at present, we have the actual Toluene, sulfuric acid, DMF, n-dodecane, isooctanoic acid and other media are used as new working fluids. This new combination will bring high-quality benefits of real gold and silver to your production:
Zero pollution
Working fluid can be used for a long time
No frequent replacement
Post-processing can be recycled/incinerated
High vacuum
Low saturated vapor pressure of new working fluid
Will not vaporize in the pump cavity
The ultimate vacuum is greatly improved
High suction volume
The advantages of the new working fluid at high temperature and low vaporization
Can guarantee high suction volume
Improve distillation/feeding efficiency
Stable vacuum
New working fluid with high temperature and low vaporization
Even if the summer heat
Stable vacuum without fluctuation
Application of new working fluid
Upgrade to a closed loop to achieve zero pollution
All-round corrosion-resistant design